Environmental Policy

Oceanic is committed to improving the working environment for our employees and in general for the community we live in. We have put in a place a number of procedures to deal with environmental issues affecting our business activities such as:

  • Waste minimization and control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Pollution prevention
  • Reduction of resource consumption
  • Environmental Policy

Oceanic acknowledges the social responsibilities needed to address environmental issues relating to its operations

Oceanic is committed to identifying the environmental aspects and the impacts of its operations and ensuring that such impacts, if any, are reduced by means of mitigation, or simply, the use of alternative practices where appropriate.

Oceanic recognizes its duty of care requirements with respect to the management of waste and, in addition, is committed to the reduction of waste generated and committed to approved methods of disposal or recycle where best applicable.

Oceanic is committed to improving environmental performance through the implementation of procedures and strong moral commitments to continuously support the cause for green environment.

Health & Safety

> OHSAS 18001:2007